Site Rules

Site Rules

Site Rules

Most of these rules are to ensure that residents
can enjoy peaceful pleasant surroundings

Site rules

Animals will be allowed in the park by permission only.

The management reserves the right to refuse admission to the park to any person they wish for whatever reason.

Holiday homes must be insured adequately with a copy of the insurance certficate provided.

All sales of holiday homes (new, existing or removal) have to be through the office of the Start Bay Holiday Park.

Sale of a holiday home with site incurs a Change of Ownership Fee, which currently is 15% of the agreed sale price. Any sale is subject to the new tenant being acceptable to the management of Start Bay Holiday Park.



Removal of holiday homes – no holiday home shall be removed during July/August. Any removal has to be agreed in writing with costs for disconnection/site repair borne by the owner of the caravan, payable to Start Bay Holiday Park.

All visitors to your holiday home in your absence must notify the office on arrival, which must be during office hours.

No ball games on site (there is a nearby park).

Radio and television sound to be kept to a comfortable level for those around you.

Any repairs or work carried out, especially on the outside of the main structure of the holiday home must be approved before any work starts.



All electrical installations must be carried out by a certified electrician and the office must be notified.

Items, with the exception of garden chairs etc., must not be stored underneath holiday homes.

Gas will only be delivered during office hours and not on a Sunday, please advise your visitors.

No subletting. Friends and family are welcome to use the home.

Satellite dishes or aerials attached to any holiday home must not extend more than 1 metre above the roof.